Donation Celebration on March 23!

Through the month of March, The Bridges at 57th Street has been doing a donation drive for the Children’s Home Society. On Saturday, March 23rd, there will be some special activities planned for a one-day Donation Celebration to help rally the community around a great cause.

Download our wishlist below to see a full listing of items you can donate to participating locations at The Bridges. All items can be donated on Saturday in exchange for 10% or more off any single item.

In addition, Shop Dog Boutique will be hosting a spring photoshoot for dogs in support of the Children’s Home Society from 10 am until 2 pm on Saturday. A floral background, professional photographer and collar accessories will be available. The boutique will also be offering 20% off any one item with a donation.

“I wanted to do something a little extra to help support the cause, and I have always wanted to try a photoshoot for dogs,” says Ellyn Suga, owner of Shop Dog. “We will be taking donations for the photos with a suggested minimum donation of $10, and all the proceeds will go to the Children’s Home Society.”

Van Buskirk Companies, the property development company behind the Bridges at 57th Street, will match donations to up to $500.

Other activities planned for Saturday include:

*Eddy Joy Baby Boutique and Forget Me Not will be taking $5 cash donations for the Children’s Home Society in exchange for a coupon worth 20% off at their locations.

*Posh Boutique will be offering 20% off a single item on Saturday with a donation to Children’s Home Society.

*You’ve Been Framed is a donation drop-off site and is having a sale on Pandora with savings between $50 and $400 during their “more you buy, more you save” sale!

To RSVP for the Shop Dog photoshoot, visit www.facebook/

Welcome To Wishing Weeks!


The Bridges at 57th Street is dedicating the month of March to the Children’s Home Society. Each “wishing week” throughout the month, participating shops at The Bridges will collect a different category of newly purchased items, and those donations are worth 10% off a single purchase from that location. Wishing weeks include:

Week 1: School and learning materials

Week 2: Clothing and accessories

Week 3: Playtime and recreation

Week 4: Arts and crafts

The idea behind “Wishing Weeks” came after a monthly Bridges at 57th Street marketing meeting where various shop owners expressed interest in supporting a single local organization.

“Coming together to support the Children’s Home Society just explains a lot about the local owners who are part of The Bridges,” says Mike Van Buskirk, President of Operations for Van Buskirk Companies. “They want to give back to the community and they see the potential bigger impact they can make by doing it together.”

Participating locations include:


Dakota Seafood

Eddy Joy Baby Boutique

Flyboy Donuts

Forget me Not

J. Ella Boutique


Posh Boutique

Rainn Salon

Shop Dog  Boutique

Travel Leaders

Vanessen’s Hair Design

You've Been Framed

If you would like to make a donation, the Children’s Home Society appreciates new items which can be dropped off at any of the above locations during business hours. For more information about the Children’s Home Society, visit their website at


Love is in the air!

Nowhere will you find more things to love or more reasons to love them than at The Bridges at 57th Street. Our locally owned shops and boutiques are overflowing with lovely items to give and get this Valentine’s Day, including some truly unique ideas that come straight from the heart. Many of your favorite locations are having specials that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside—like heart-shaped gourmet cupcake bouquets, pink peppermint candles, luscious lip makeovers, gorgeous jewelry, chocolate strawberry fruit bouquets, massages and so much more. Watch The Bridges Facebook page for out-of-the-box gift ideas and be sure to enter our Share The Love contest where you could win a gift basket filled with items from 15 different locations!

J.Ella Boutique

Take home a free gift with your purchase of $25 or more on Valentine's Day, plus we can help you craft the perfect Valentine’s gift package!

Posh Boutique

Get a free pair of Hanky Panky’s with your purchase of $100 or more—think denim, new graphic tees and cute spring blouses and bags!

Oh My Cupcakes

Imagine twenty-one gourmet cupcakes frosted with vanilla bean buttercream and crafted into a lovely heart. Available in vanilla, chocolate or a mix of both flavors for just $68. Please allow a 4-hour lead time. Available now through Valentine’s Day!

Flyboy Donuts

Surprise your love with our special Valentine’s Day packages this year. Order now at for pick-up or delivery!

Valentine’s Donuts in a special clear rose box: $20
I love you donut holes: $20
Edible Donut bouquet: $35

Forget Me Not

Enjoy 14% off your purchase on February 14 and treat our Valentine to new spring home decor!

You’ve Been Framed

Enter You’ve Been Framed’s 14 Days of Love promotion on Facebook (you can enter daily) and you could win a FREE styling session and a $100 gift card. Now that’s love!

Dakota Seafood

Oysters are nature’s aphrodisiac and no one has a fresher selection than Dakota Seafood. Order your oysters the day before you want them and they will be plucked fresh from the sea and shipped overnight. We also offer a huge selection of other unique Valentine (and Ash Wednesday) selections, such as lobster, crab, shrimp, salmon and just about anything else you want from the ocean. Stop by and visit our new location at The Bridges!

Shop Dog Boutique

Treat your furry Valentine to whimsical Valentine doggy cookies from the Shop Dog Bakery, doggy apparel, a new heart-themed collar or durable Fluff and Tuff toys. First time Fluff and Tuff purchases are 20% off when you mention this offer, and loyal Fluff and Tuff fans can enter the Shop Dog Facebook contest to take 20% off when they buy new toys in February!

Complete Nutrition

Limited edition pin and gray blender bottles featuring pink roses are available now while supplies last!

Scooter’s Coffeehouse

How about a Toffee Nut Caramelicious blender for your Valentine, served with a smile and maybe a Scooter’s gift card?

Travel Leaders

The gift of travel is definitely a fun way to share the love this Valentine’s Day, especially if you allow Travel Leaders help you plan the perfect romantic destination!

Clean Closets and Crazy Days

It’s January. Out with the old and in with the new!  With Winter Crazy Days happening on January 19-21, many stores at the Bridges are “cleaning closets” to offer you deep discounts (up to 75%!) on winter items in order to make room for new spring merchandise. It’s a great time to get some serious steals and it’s also a great time clean out your own closets. Trust us. It feels really good to be organized. Besides, what else are you going to do on a cold winter day?

To help you with your closet cleaning quest, we put together a little list of tips and tricks for cleaning your closet and keeping it that way. Whether you donate or sell your clothing, getting rid of things that don’t fit, don’t look good or just don't feel good allows you to make space for the things that do.

Here goes:

1.     First off, take EVERYTHING out of your closet. Yes. Everything.

2.     Look at each piece and ask yourself these questions: Does it fit? Have I worn it in the last year? Would I ever wear it again? Does it look good on me? Is it damaged? If you answer NO to any of these question, it goes in the out piles (one for donation/giving away, one for selling and one for trash).

3.     Before you put things back in our closet, consider new storage solutions inside that closet. Extra shelving, shoe racks, storage dividers, garment dividers, belt, scarf and hat holders and more are a great way to make your closet an amazingly organized place. Browse Pinterest for some cheap DIY ideas or visit any store that offers storage solutions.

4.     As you begin hanging the keepers back in your closet, consider organizing them by season, function, color or whatever works best for you. Don’t overcrowd your clothing! How many great shirts have you forgotten because they were jammed between other pieces?

5.     When it comes to folded pieces, such as bulky sweaters and tee shirts, fold them nicely and neatly into an organized system that works for you. Function, color, style, whatever. Just as long as it makes sense to you.

6.     If you are putting things back into drawers, consider drawer dividers instead of just piling things into the drawer. We all know that it’s easy to just take the top shirt over and over again and forget about all those poor orphans at the bottom of the drawer. Dividers really help!

7.     Accessories, hand bags and shoes should be displayed by color and season so you can easily match them to your outfits.

8.     Make sure your closet is well-lit. Bright light bulbs can make a huge difference in a small space.

9.     Once you have committed to a donate/sell/toss pile, your next step is to not let those piles sit around. Bag them or box them up and get them where they need to go.

10.  Finally, when in doubt about an item, put it into your closet with the hanger facing the opposite direction. If that hanger is still facing away from you when you clean your closet again, you’re no longer in doubt. Toss it out.

While cleaning closets is never fun, it does feel really rewarding once it’s all done. And with all that extra space, you have plenty of room for the amazing deals you’ll want to bring home from The Bridges Winter Crazy Days! Check out our Facebook page for a chance to win a $100 Shopping Spree to get you started.