Meet Me on Monday - Featuring Dakota Seafood


Each Monday, the Bridges at 57th Street profiles a different business so you can get to know a little bit more about them. This week we proudly feature Dakota Seafood, which opened at The Bridges in December 2017.

Travis at Dakota Seafood.JPG

Dakota Seafood’s General Manager is Travis Petersen, one of the nicest guys around. This is what he has to say about Dakota Seafood:

Tell us about Dakota Seafood and what makes you different?

We offer clean fresh seafood from both coasts, and local products made right here in South Dakota. All of our fin fish is line caught, or sustainably farmed. It is important to Dakota Seafood to only carry fish that has a positive impact on the environment. We also have fresh oysters, shrimp, lobster and the best crab cakes around. We have many ready to eat options: Sushi rolls, Salads, and Poke Bowls. For people looking to make a beautiful meal for friends and family, we have really simple and easy ready to cook seafood options as well. There is no one else around like us. 

What is one thing people don’t know about you or your business that you would like them to know? 

We will cook the fish for you! We have a really talented staff that has been trained in the culinary arts. You can enjoy it right on our patio, which offers a great view, or you can take it with you.  We also do wholesale to restaurants in town.

What are some ways you might give back to the community? 

We donate our leftover fin fish, trim scraps and shells to the Sioux Falls Butterfly House and Aquarium to help feed their fish. We also donate our leftover bread to help those in need. 

What do you love most about managing a locally owned business?

Sharing the very best the water has to offer with South Dakotans. We have unique, healthy, flavorful options. It’s a great honor to be part of the dinner shared with loved ones.

What is your biggest challenge and how do you work to overcome it? 

Not too many people in South Dakota have much experience cooking ocean fish, so educating our customers on how to prepare our tasty fish is important. We offer recipes, cooking instruction or we will cook it for you.

 Do you have a favorite product that you sell? 

Crab cakes! They are so amazing! 

How do you work to better serve your customers?

We listen to our customers and we take suggestions. We can special order for customers as well. We are constantly educating ourselves with new products and tastes to share with people.