Meet Me On Monday - J. Ella Boutique

Each Monday, the Bridges at 57th Street profiles a different business so you can get to know a little bit more about them. This week we proudly feature J. Ella Boutique, which opened at The Bridges in early 2015.

The founder and co-owner of J.Ella Boutique is Jael Thorpe. Take a little time to meet her this Monday!


Why did you decide to come to the Bridges?

 It's the only place I wanted to be in SF!


Tell us what you offer?

Our focus is quality apparel that meets women in all the dynamic roles they play. We also feature plants, lifestyle and our own signature line of positive graphic tees.


What is one thing people don’t know about your business?

We started as a tiny alley store in Brookings, in the lobby of my portrait studio, almost 10 years ago!


What are some ways you might give back to the community?

Since our launch, we've given or raised over $25,000 for local causes. My recent favorite was fully renovating two units at the Brookings Domestic Abuse Shelter as a team!


What do you love most about owning a locally owned business?

The relationships and stories. The women that cross our path every day are so special, ambitious and creative in their own ways.


What is your biggest challenge?

Changing the ways we spread our brand message. Marketing is changing at a lightning pace, and we're always trying to stay ahead!


Do you have a favorite product?

Our signature graphic tees and denim—it’s a combo anyone feels great in!


How do you work to better serve your customers?

By truly showing more love and grace to every single person that walks through our doors.