melissa johnson

oh my cupcakes

Name: Melissa Johnson

Title: Founder/Owner of Oh My Cupcakes!

From: I grew up in Larchwood, IA. I spent some years in Canton, SD before making Sioux Falls my home about 12 years ago.

Years at the Bridges: Almost 4!

Family: My kids and pets are my world! I’ve got Randi (22) Emily (18) Brandon (13) and Lyric (4). Also Sully the cat (rules the household), Simon my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Sasha, our 8-year-old mutt.

Life Tip: I’ve been loving the quote, “Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” Whatever it is that makes you come alive, do that. Don’t be afraid to make big, bold mistakes in this world.

Cupcake Tip:  My Pro Tip is to always use an old fashioned-type ice cream scoop when you’re putting your batter into cupcake liners. You’ll avoid the messy drips between cupcakes on the pan, and you’ll have cupcakes which are more uniform in size because you’ll know exactly how much batter is in each well. Experiment with different scoop sizes (more full, less full) for different batters.